Scilab/Scicos Code Generator for Xenomai


To develop a single-click digital control automatic code generation tool for Xenomai machine!

Also check Scliab/Scicos remote CanOpen I/O made by AUTOMATA and WAGO



 A host PC with Scilab/Scicos and Xenomai development envioronment installed on it.
 A target Xenomai machine.
As decipted in the figure above, the process of code generation is as follows-
  • Set-up host (PC with Scilab/Scicos installed) and target (Xenomai machine).
  • On the host PC, design the control system for the target using Scilab/Scicos including UDP block, if required.
  • On the host PC, generate the code for the target and subsquently upload this code on the target for execution.
  • On the host PC, design the application to monitor the target function using Scilab/Scicos including UDP if used earlier.
  • If UPD was included, check the Scilab Graphics output window on the host PC to confirm the desired designed behavior of the target.
The Scicos-Xenomai project, currently in beta stage, but is usable, contains:
  • Xenomai code generator for all basic Scicos 4.1.2 blocks available in secondary domain.
  • UDP receive and UDP send blocks working in primary domain and with support for RTnet.
Future scope:
  • Porting Scicos blocks in primary domain.
  • User documentation.