Scilab/Scicos Code Generator for FLEX


To develop a single-click digital control automatic code generation tool for the FLEX boards!


  • A FLEX Board.
  • ERIKA Enterprise
  • The Microchip tools (available for free).
  • A Microchip ICD2.


As decipted in the figure above, the process of code generation is as follows:
  • Design of a control system in Scicos.
  • Simulation and tuning of the control system in Scicos.
  • Single-click code generation for ERIKA Enterprise for FLEX.
  • Automatic flashing of the FLEX board.
  • Integration in the Scicos HIL support using the FLEX USB/wireless connection.
The Scicos-FLEX project, currently in beta stage, but is usable, contains:
  •  Code generator for ERIKA Enterprise Basic.
  • Over 100 Scicos blocks ready for code generation!
  • Automatic generation and compilation of the Scicos generated application.
  • Manual flashing of the generated application on the dsPIC device on the FLEX board.
  • Working examples using the FLEX board.
  • Tutorial for the creation of a sample application included in the documentation.
  • USB and OpenZB connection blocks available.
  • Hardware in the loop working.
Future scope:
  • Automatic programming of a Scicos-generated application on the FLEX target.
  • Comprehensive documentation and examples.
Please note that the code generator is currently a direct derivation from the Linux/RTAI Code Generator for Scilab and Scicos i.e. the code generated is correct and working but, he quality and efficiency of the code generated is not "the best" for a microcontroller (in terms of usage of RAM, complexity of the data structures, optimization of the overhead, and other things).
We are working for improving the efficiency of the code generator with INRIA Roquencourt, and for that reason you can expect changes in the quality of the code generated in the next months.