Seed Eye


SEED-EYE is an advanced board for implementing low-cost multimedia Wireless Sensor Network.

It hosts a powerful Microchip PIC32, and has a full set of communication interfaces such as Ethernet, IEEE802.15.4 / Zigbee, and USB. Moreover, it hosts a CMOS Camera, making it an ideal board for implementing next generation Imaging Wireless Sensor networks.

The SEED-EYE Board comes with Full software support, including porting for Contiki OS and ERIKA Enterprise.


Tutorial for Contiki OS users:


The SEED-EYE Board comes with a ready-to-use opensource 802.15.4 Packet sniffer application for Android devices, available here.

Other available software:


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The price of one SEED-EYE is € 149,00 (VAT and shipment excluded).

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The main features of the SEED-EYE Board are:
  • MCU: The Microchip PIC32MX795F512L adopted is an extremely powerful microcontroller that by implementing a MIPS architecture can provide up-to 80 MIPS of computational power. The MCU implements in hardware SPII2CUARTCANand USB communication protocols easing the connection with external units. Memory can be fully addressable by DMAcontrollers and IEEE802.3 MAC layer is implemented on chip.
  • IEEE802.15.4 interface. A Microchip MRF24J40MB transceiver is used for accessing the IEEE802.15.4 channel. This transceiver was chosen for its extremely high coverage (up to 100m in open space at max power) and for its high configurability. 
  • IEEE802.3 Ethernet interface with TCP/IP. The MCU implements the IEEE802.3 MAC layer and by using an external SMSC LAN8720A PHY adapter the board can communicate with other units or PCs.
  • USB interface. A microUSB-A connector is directly connected to the MCU allowing the device to operate in Master or Slave Mode.
  • Connectors. SEEDEYE exports all the MCU pins that are not used by peripherals. Designers can access SPII2C,CANUART ports, Analogic and Generic pins, Single and multiple point of access Interrupts. Using these expansion slots we were able to connect various cameras, luminosity sensors, barometric sensors and CPLDs.
  • CMOS Camera Interface: The board comes with a CMOS Camera sensor OV9650, The board is able to grab and send images at a minimum resolution of 160x120 16bit.
  • DC/DC input power conversion. The board can be powered either by standard power jack or by USB. Power efficiency of the board is extremely high and it is possibleto unpower various components of the board changing the status of some MCU pins. 
  • Form Factor. The form factor of the SEED-EYE is made to be contained in the Hammond 1555FF commercial enclosure, making easier its usage outdoor. 


The SEED-EYE Project has been developed by Evidence and the Real Time Network group, a joint research initiative carried on by the "Institute of Communication, Information and Perception Technologies" at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and the "National Laboratory of Photonic Networks" at the National Inter-university Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT)

SEED-EYE has been widely used in IPERMOB where, in particular, by equipping devices with cameras it was possible to extract Traffic ITS related information.

The SEED-EYE board in particular has been adopted for:

  • Characterizing IEE802.15.4 channel properties (Packet Loss Rate and Bit Error Rate in open and closed environments)
  • Running Image Identification algorithms based on Neural Networks
  • Designing minimal bandwidth streaming of Audio signals and Images over IEEE802.15.4
  • Interfacing RFID semipassive tags
  • IEEE802.15.4 packet sniffer for Android Devices

Other available software:


The price of one SEED-EYE is € 149,00 (VAT and shipment excluded).

To receive a formal offer request a quote