Easy Lab

Did you ever use a microcontroller to build your custom application?
Maybe you heard about Real Time Operating System, but you never had an opportunity to work with this high tech tool, or you were uncomfortable with the complexity hidden behind this advanced technology.

The Easylab kit allows you to create your application, using not only a complex environment based on C and ERIKA Enterprise, but also using simple tools such as MPLAB or Scicos/ScicosLab with automatic code generation. In this way, you can focus your attention on functional aspects instead of code debugging, suddenly testing your ideas.


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Easylab is a cheap and easy to use prototyping board used with Microchip Microstick dsPIC33F and PIC24H Development Board.
The board provides: two connectors to access all Microcontroller I/O pins, a set of LEDs to visually test Digital I/O, a buzzer to play with, and a USB port to interact with the microcontroller using serial over USB protocol. The same USB cable is used for both, power supply and serial communication.

A highly competitive price along with great capabilities offered by this board makes this product a perfect solution for both, accademic and educational projects !


Key Features:

  • RS232 to USB Interface with the PC for board control.
  • Power supply of +5V DC obtained from USB cable.
  • MiniUSB In-System Programming (ISP) for Microstick module.
  • 8 Pin I/O, configurable as input or output, for general use.
  • 8 LEDS on each I/O pin.
  • 2 Configurable Output PWM to drive a DC-motor for motion control.
  • 2 Low Pass Filter on each PWM to obtain a programmable DC voltage.
  • All I/O ports easily are accessible through pin header connectors.


Download technical datasheet





Along with this board, an EasyLab Software Packet, that contains the source files of the Easy library, is available for download.
This is the main tool required to access the EasyLab goodies and examples.


With this Easy library API you can:

  • Configure dspic pins in realation with board layout
  • Set/Get actual clock frequency (with internal FRC with PLL)
  • Turn on/off & toggle leds
  • Read/Write DIO pins
  • Configure up to 2 General Purpose Timers
  • Start and stop a buzzer with a given forcing frequency
  • Configure one of 4 ADC channels and sample that synchronously
  • Configure 2 couples of PWM pins in any combination of PWM/override, with given frequency and duty cycle
  • Serial comunication with UART serial over USB


Demo applications:

Check user community wiki section!


If you do not represent a company,  you can buy an Easylab just clicking the button below

Otherwise request EasyLab quotation.