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Gstreamer streaming server demo in collaboration with Advantech - Video

We are pleased to show a demo about a Gstreamer streaming server set up in collaboration with Advantech!

Check the video out at this link!

ERIKA 3 first version released as part of the UpScale SDK

Whe are pleased to announce that Evidence has just released the first version of ERIKA 3 as part of the UpScale SDK!

Check this post written by Paolo, Evidence's CEO!

Video about the software developed in the AXIOM project

This video will guide you in the usage of the software developed in the AXIOM EU project.

The AXIOM project aims at the the creation of an embedded board which can be connected together with other similar boards in order to create a cluster configuration.

In this video we emulated the cluster configuration using QEMU virtual machines which will emulate the Zynq Ultrascale+ nodes of the cluster.


Check the video out at this link.


New site for project RETINA

Evidence, partner of RETINA consortium, is proud to announce that the new RETINA web site is online!

Check it here for further details!

Jailhouse Hypervisor on top of an NVidia Tegra TX1

Evidence, as part of the Hercules Horizon 2020 project, ported the Jailhouse partitioning hypervisor on top of an NVidia Tegra TX1!

Have a look at this video!



Top Italian Newspaper talks about Hercules project!

Top Italian Newspaper Corriere della Sera talks about Hercules project and Evidence.

Read about it here (in Italian)