Evelin SDK

Easy development of graphical applications for embedded Linux systems

Evelin SDK makes embedded Linux development easier through automatic target emulation and integration with the Eclipse IDE. Evelin SDK permits to develop, build and debug your application as it was running on the target platform!

Evelin SDK is based on the Scratchbox2 environment, which is also used by Nokia as development platform for the Internet Tablets products (e.g. Nokia 770).

It is now available also as Ubuntu image for VMWare: a powerful tool ready to be used without installing a whole Linux distribution!


Reduce the time to market:

  • Test early, test often: the application can be run and debugged on the host without the need of being flashed onto the device
  • Quick setup: no time wasted manually assembling a whole development environment from scratch
  • Step-by-step documentation: what is generally missing in most Open-Source environments
  • Powerful debugging: Eclipse debugging features can be used to debug applications running either on the host and on the target

Only one environment for your multiple projects:

  • Everything is integrated: use the same environment for implementation, test and debugging
  • Change target very easily: by just clicking a combo-box
  • Multiple projects: you can develop multiple projects at the same time and assign a specific target to each project

No worries:

  • No installation problems: our technical support can help you in solving possible problems with the environment
  • Always updated: always have the latest version of the environment
  • Customization: contact us for possible customizations that you need

No constraints:

  • Use your favourite operating system: the environment can be run on any operating system supporting VMWare (e.g., Windows)
  • If not satisfied, you can choose to unsubscribe and keep your current version of the environment


Technical features

  • Based on the Scratchbox2 project
  • Easy-to-use installer
  • Additional Scratchbox2 scripts
  • Transparent cross-compilation based on GNU gcc
  • Target software emulation
  • GUI based on the well-known Eclipse IDE
  • Documentation and technical on-line support.


Using Evelin SDK to develop QT software for embedded system

If you have Evelin SDK and you need more examples to learn how to write code for Evelin, register your company using this link and we will send you additional materials directly from our training courses.