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How to reach more than 16Gb RDMA transfer between FPGAs (video)

In the context of the Horizon 2020 Axiom Project, Evidence has created a video showing how to interoconnect Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ boards to reach more than 16Gb RDMA transfer between FPGAs.

Check out the video!


Training courses June 2018 on ERIKA Enterprise: Turin and Munich!

Evidence is going to organize two free of charge trainings about ERIKA Enterprise, on June 14th 2018 in Turin (in Italian language), and on June 20th 2018 in Munich (in English language).

Please note that seats are limited!


June 14th 2018, Turin - Autosar Software and ARM Cortex™ TRACE32 debug tools

Low cost hardware in the Loop (HIL) for testing embedded systems - Video

We are pleased to show a demo about how we setup a configurable, cheap and modular system to perform regression tests of an embedded application directly on the target device.

Check the video out at this link!


Evidence Srl has sponsored the OSPM Summit

Evidence Srl has proudly sponsored the OSPM Summit to let major kernel developers of the scheduler and power-aware subsystems meet and discuss challenges and new directions for the Linux kernel.


First virtual machine for building the ERIKA3 RTOS has been released!

Evidence Srl is happy to announce the release of the first virtual machine for building the ERIKA3 RTOS.

The virtual machine, that can be run using the VirtualBox tool, allows to build ERIKA3 for the following platforms:

  • Nvidia Jetson TX1 (on a Cortex-A core using the Jailhouse hypervisor)
  • Arduino Uno

The Virtual Machine is available for download at the following address.

Evidence has joined the Advantech's ELAA Alliance

We are proud to announce that Evidence has officially joined the Advantech's Embedded Linux & Android Alliance (ELAA)!

“We are excited to join the Advantech ELAA Alliance”, said Paolo Gai, CEO of Evidence, “as it will allow Evidence to provide its advanced Linux and Android competences to Advantech customers, thus increasing the Advantech European technical support for x64- and ARM- based architectures”.

View the official Press Release!