Evidence and Scilab Enterprise partnership

New State Machine capabilities are now available for Scilab users with the E4Coder extension module.
San Giuliano Terme, Pisa, Italy – June 30, 2015
Scilab Enterprises, worldwide leader of open source numerical and
scientific computation software together with Evidence Srl, the world's leading supplier of the open source OSEK/VDX
real-time ERIKA Enterprise kernel and developer of E4Coder solutions, today announce the availability of E4Coder for
the Scilab platform.
E4Coder is a commercial suite based on Scilab/Xcos and featuring:
  •  SMcube: a Finite State Machine modeler and simulator. Integrated with Xcos, it allows the user to develop state-machines implementing the physical part of a classical Xcos model. The editor of SMcube implements a subset of UML that can be developed and debugged graphically. SMCube has already been successfully used in several industrial projects and is fitted for applications in domains like automotive, HVAC and Industrial.
  • E4Coder GUI: a prototyping tool for generating interactive Graphical User Interfaces.
Code generation capabilities for embedded systems (E4Coder CG) are also planned in the roadmap, and will allow code
generation for embedded targets and for Linux systems as well.
All of these advanced simulation features are a first step in the direction of an integrated tool chain following the
classical model-based design methods used in the environment of control systems and mechatronics.
“The availability of E4Coder greatly enhances the expressive power available on Scilab/Xcos allowing the simple
definition of state machines, integrated with a quick graphical prototyping environment and in the near future with
embedded code generation. The partnership with Scilab Enterprises is fundamental to allow Evidence to directly support
the Scilab community in the most effective way” said Paolo Gai, the founder and CEO of Evidence Srl and project
manager of E4Coder suite.
“The availability of E4Coder module is a first and important step within the partnership between Scilab Enterprises and
Evidence. We are glad that Evidence brings its expertise in embedded systems to the Scilab open-source platform and to
the vibrant Scilab community” said RaphaĆ«l Auphan, the CEO of Scilab Enterprises, the publisher of Scilab.
E4Coder Module in Scilab is available immediately at http://shop.scilab-enterprises.com